Contractors Liability Commercial Auto Package

General Liability insurance policy offers simplicity.
Contractors Liability Commercial Auto Package may save you some serious cash!

Combining your contractors commercial general liability (CGL) and Commercial Auto can save you money.

We have access to a brand new program with a national insurance company and one of the nations largest insurance wholesalers.  The two have combined to offer a package that is really hard to beat.

If you are a contractor why not see if the package could save your business some cash as well.

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As a business, your company needs protection against financial loss from mishaps that can happen during the course of daily business operations.  With the appropriate general liability coverage your insurance company can help protect your business in the event of litigation resulting from accidents, injuries, and property damage to third parties.

Because we know that unwanted events can occur any time to companies of all sizes and industries, we can work with you to offer comprehensive commercial liability insurance against traditional and more complex exposures.

General Liability insurance quotes from the top commercial insurance companies in the country.

Contractors Liability & Commercial Auto combination discount is a brand new program and is not available in all states yet.